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Our beneficiaries are patients suffering from cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases who wish to complement their treatment with our supported preventive methods and therapies yet require financial assistance. They may also attend courses to empower them to eat and live healthily.

Our beneficiaries are members who require financial assistance and want to complement their treatment with non-invasive therapies that we support or to attend courses that empower them to eat and live healthily. The amount of the subsidy is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Children under 18 and Pioneer Generation (PG) are given priority. The beneficiary’s family income must be less than S$3,500.

Channels of application:

Children/Students – through their respective schools
Pioneer Generation & Seniors – through their respective activity centres
Working Adults – through their respective companies

Below are two of the beneficiaries who have benefited from the Compassion Fund: (identity are withheld as requested)

  1. SAC – A relatively young IT professional is diagnosed to have stage four cancer in her bones and liver. She has dried up all her resources and has no one to turn to for help as she is the sole caregiver for her aged mum. We offered her the possibility of using nutrition therapy, Hydrogen oxygen therapy, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and Torsion field for pain management by subsidizing up to 90% of her cost. She would need 20 to 30 sessions Neurofeedback plus hydrotherapy to recover from Chemo Brain and EMF disruption. The total cost for six-month renewable support would cost more than $ 25,000.
  2. EST -A part-time shopkeeper aged 40 +with mental anxiety since youth is recently found to also suffer from ovarian tumors. She has no family in Singapore. She is receiving social welfare support and lives in a one-room flat with an equally sick roommate. Compassion support scheme fully paid for her TCM, Diet therapy, Neurofeedback training and Torsion field pain management.