Cut for Compassion is a fundraising event organised by Kampung Senang that aims to raise funds for the Compassion Support Scheme. 


Every year more than 60 new chronic illness and cancer patients need financial support to pay for their non-invasive therapies in order to heal. Kampung Senang set up the Compassion Support Scheme to support and subsidize low income patients as these therapies are not covered by insurance or Medisave. Read more about the Compassion Support Scheme here. 


In the past years of Cut for Compassion, our participants, young and old, had cut and shaved their hair in support of our beneficiaries and as part of their personal fundraising campaigns, raising up to  $66,897 in total ! Every little contribution is helpful to those in need and we thank our participants for their compassion and support. 


Cut for Compassion 2017
Cut for Compassion 2015