Cut for Compassion 2020

Fundraising Period: 31st August – 16th December 2020

Haircut/shave at Kampung Senang: 

17th October, 11am-5pm
Holistic Lifestyle Center 
Blk 106 Aljunied Crescent #01-205 
Singapore 380106

Be a Fundraiser

Register to have your hair cut or shaved to raise funds for the Compassion Support Scheme! You will be provided with a pledge card and guided on the fundraising process. 

Donate to our Fundraisers' Campaigns

Show your support to your friends and family who are getting their hair cut and shaved by donating to their personal campaigns. 

Now in it’s fifth run, Cut for Compassion 2020 is a fundraising event that aims to raise funds for the Compassion Support Scheme. 

Cut or shave your hair to show support to patients suffering from cancer or over chronic illnesses and get your friends and family to donate to your fundraising campaign.

This year, you can also opt to “cut” some other comforts (e.g. junk food, paper usage etc.) for a healthier life and earth as part of your campaign. Or, simply adopt a pledge card and garner the support of your friends and family! 

Find out more about past years’ Cut for Compassion here

Why Cut for Compassion?

Compassion Support Scheme was launched in 2015 for natural therapy , TCM , pain management and nutritious meals for less privileged,  chronically sick and cancer patients of all age groups to minimise their sufferings.

Every year, kind hearted people from different cultures get together to shave or cut their hair to raise funds for the Compassion Support Scheme. Jointly, we make a difference to the lives of people who need our care and help . 

This year , while we are celebrating Kampung Senang’s 21st Anniversary, we are also appealing for your donations and volunteering to raise funds by inspiring your friends to join the good deed of donating towards the Compassion Support Scheme, that helps needy to have the possibility of choosing natural therapies to ease their pain and sufferings.

Read more about the Compassion Support Scheme here

Be a champion and help us sustain the Compassion Support Scheme. Register now to be a participant and invite your friends and supporters on social media to donate generously and help support people who need natural, non-invasive therapies for their healing process. 

Join us to make a difference for needy patients, young and old.


About our Partner

Spatec Academy has been well established since 2002. Our Academy is one of the leading aesthetic, beauty and spa training institutes in Singapore, with more than 17 years of training experience in the Spa and Wellness Industry.
We offer over 40 professional certificates and diplomas in the areas of spa, body and beauty therapy. We work with various internationally-recognised and local professional spa and beauty institutions to conduct training and education courses, and to equip students with spa and beauty skill-sets.
Spatec Academy believes in the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. As such, we are honoured and privileged to be a part of this meaningful event to celebrate survivors, remember loved ones lost, and to fight back against cancer.