Sound healing workshop raises funds for the Scheme

We had the pleasure of hosting Leigh Ann Phillips on her first visit to Singapore.  The sound healing sessions were amazing, with everyone taking part (including playing a sound instrument) to help each other.  There were big smiles all around and everyone felt very relaxed!  $3,100 was collected in support of the Scheme.  Well done to all the sound healers.

Thank you, Leigh Ann, and to all who participated in the event.


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Cut for Compassion raises $79,943 for the Scheme

We had a great event on Sunday, October 4, 2015. The participants all went home feeling “lighter”.  Kampung Senang sincerely thanks all who participated and donated in the Cut for Compassion event.  In fact, the event was so popular, another is planned very soon.

Thanks to you, we raised $79,943!






Check out more photos below!

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How can you assess your risk for cancer and protect your loved ones?

Ocean Robbins, a friend of Kampung Senang, kindly shared this link.

As the below picture is a screenshot of an email to Joyce, the links will not work, but here they are:

Here is the link to The 42 second quiz.

Here is the link to The Food Revolution Network.


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Healing Workshops with Leigh Ann Phillips

Photo courtesy of Leigh Ann Phillips

Photo courtesy of Leigh Ann Phillips

Healing workshops will be conducted by Sound Healer, Leigh Ann Phillips, from America. Through Sound and Crystal bowls, she creates an extraordinary healing space to rejuvenate and reconnect to our deepest intelligent and inner child. Sound healing helps to release our stress and tensions, so as to improve the quality of life.

Leigh Ann is also an award-winning singer, song writer, and sound healing educator. Through development of Brain wave entertainment, allowing people to release emotional blocks. She merges sound and music to assist people in leading more healthy and fulfilling lives. Her inner call to help others has taken her all over the world over the last 5 years.

Read an article about Leigh Ann from Sage Magazine.

Register here.



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Do Sounds Have Healing Properties?

There are may articles on the web about crystal bowl healing.  Here is just one example:


“Healing Properties

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, MD, a cancer specialist of Cornell Medical Center, NY, has found using the bowls, especially with simple chant and meditative practices, assist his clients to come into marked improvement and recovery rates over those using just standard allopathic treatment. Many other practitioners are offering both studies and anecdotal testimony in their use.  I find them to be an extraordinary tool for simply bathing the client in rich sounds, which generate deep feeling states of wellness and relaxation. This can lead the body into a place of homeostasis, which assists the body in self-generative healing. ”


Excerpt from The Art of Crystal Bowls for Meditation, Healing, Balance … (n.d.). Retrieved from

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Keeping an open mind

One of my favourite sayings is, “Minds are like parachutes; they only work when they are open”. I keep my mind open in my study of psychology (I’m about to graduate from James Cook University Singapore), and in other areas of life. I believe that cancer patients should also be able keep an open mind about their treatment.  — Ahmad Ishqi

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