Launched by Dr Kim Le Kalsang in May 2015, the Compassion Support Scheme scheme is an initiative by Kampung Senang that provides financial assistance to low income families who would like to use non-aggressive, non-invasive, natural therapies to heal their chronic conditions. Some of these treatments include Neurofeedback, Hydrobath Therapy, Torsion Field Therapy, TCM, diet therapy etc. Read on to find out the various treatments that have helped our beneficiaries.

 The scheme provides assistance those in desperate financial and emotional need, to recover from illness, alleviate suffering, learn how to stay healthy, increase awareness of healing choices and making these choices a reality.


“Natural medicine addresses the root causes of problems, raising awareness about preventing illness, improving quality of living and promoting lifestyle changes in nutrition, cooking, exercise, and meditation.  It is about empowering the patients to believe in their own ability to heal themselves as well as boosting their latent creativity and hidden skills.”

Dr Kim Le Kalsang


I am grateful to Kampung Senang for granting me the Compassion Support Scheme. The scheme subsidises the cost of therapies and courses. I am able to undertake of torsion field therapy or hydrobath therapy under the scheme. I have also got to know a befriender, Meng Woo, who has been providing me with good counselling. 

Alex Low, Compassion Support Scheme Beneficiary

More testimonies...

 Cancer Recovery

“SAC”* – A relatively young IT professional is diagnosed to have stage four cancer in her bones and liver. She has dried up all her resources and has no one to turn to for help as she is the sole caregiver for her aged mum. We offered her the possibility of using nutrition therapy, Hydrogen oxygen therapy, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and Torsion field for pain management by subsidizing up to 90% of her cost. She would need 20 to 30 sessions Neurofeedback plus hydrotherapy to recover from Chemo Brain and EMF disruption. The total cost for six-month renewable support would cost more than $ 25,000.

Illness Mangement

“EST”* -A part-time shopkeeper aged 40 +with mental anxiety since youth is recently found to also suffer from ovarian tumors. She has no family in Singapore. She is receiving social welfare support and lives in a one-room flat with an equally sick roommate. Compassion support scheme fully paid for her TCM, Diet therapy, Neurofeedback training and Torsion field pain management.

 Rehabilitation after a Stroke

“The Compassion Support Scheme enabled Mr Sim Wei Leong to reapply for more Neurofeedback Sessions after he had found it helpful in rehabilitations after his stroke. 

“I had to stop after 20 sessions due to my financial situation. I reapplied for and was successful in getting the Compassion Support Scheme for my training. I want to work more on my headaches and regain full sensations on my right side. Kim (trainers) had told me neurofeedback is like gym training for the brain, and I’m ready for more!” 

-Sin Wei Leong, Compassion Support Scheme beneficiary

*beneficiaries identities are kept confidential as requested