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Why is the Compassion Support Scheme critical for humanity in 21st Century?

Do you know that 1 in 3 Singaporeans dies of cancer (Ministry of Health, Oct 2014), 60% of Singapore workers feel mental fatigue at work (Jobstreet), and 350  million people around the world suffer from depression, a leading cause of disability and a major contributor to the global burden of disease (World Health Organisation).

YouTube statistics indicate that videos on alternative healing such as energy healing, meditation, natural medicine, etc., are watched by millions of viewers. This is a strong indication of public interest in alternative healing modalities. Unfortunately, neither the mainstream health insurance companies nor the government has plans to support natural healing.

The scheme aims to complement mainstream medication with alternative healing to minimize the side effects caused by long-term medication.

As a charity organization that lights up hope and promotes well-being, Kampung Senang pioneered the Compassion Support Scheme, the scheme that provides support to those who desire non-invasive healing options but need financial support to fulfill their wish.


Why Compassion Fund?

The Compassion Support Scheme was set up by Kampung Senang to help our residents, in particular, those in desperate financial and emotional need, to:

  • recover from illness
  • alleviate suffering
  • learn how to stay healthy
  • be aware of healing choices
  • make healing choices a reality


慈怀补助金是为各年龄层、家收入少过 $3500的病苦众生开拓一扇求助的窗口,是一份爱的礼物,能点燃希望,助人迈向身心灵的轻安。通过非侵略性的调理、自然疗法、食疗、五行营养学等自我预防疾病的培训,让想康复的人能够健康自主。因为保险和保健储蓄 Medisave 还没有关照这块人性化的调理区域,这爱的礼物更能落实您的关怀和补助,也能达到预防胜于治疗的效果。